MAX BILL (1935-1973 selected works)
A very private desk exhibition

OPENING HOURS depending on need
Free entrace
No ending, no beginning (no cover, no backcover)
Curators: me
Visitors: me

University project, historical research
Isia di Urbino

Limited edition box-catalogue designed for the "Hommage to Lucio Fontana" vernissage at Fondazione Marconi's gallery.
Invitations for the cocktail and giftboxes are fine-art printed, made using special inks, embosses, die cut, fluorescent ink, UV relief, matte coated varnish, cotton and fabric papers, different dimensions and formats, to give the whole object the finish of a unicum hand-made product.

Art direction, prototipation and graphic design by me and Giulia Bassoli, creative direction of Giorgio Marconi and Nini Laurini (Fondazione Lucio Fontana).

All images are copyright of Fondazione Lucio Fontana and Archivio Giancolombo (photo portraits of Lucio Fontana).
Special thanks to Maria Villa for coordinating us.
Post production supervision and colour assets by Federico Torra, technical support and pre-print check by Monica Dinardo.
Production coordination and printing by Corrado Musmeci, Fontegrafica.
Studio sul territorio Pesaro-Urbino

"FelicitàCreative Commons” – Progetto di identità territoriale della Provincia di Pesaro e Urbino" è stato scelto per rappresentare l'Isia al concorso del Premio Nazionale delle Arti 2012 - Design e Comunicazione, settore progettazione grafica per Enti pubblici e istituzioni.

Collaborazione con S.Scimmi, N.Riva, A.Licitra, T.Monaldi, A.Bonomo. Docente Mauro Bubbico
Art direction and integrated communication project for Dancity 2015, the italian festival of electronic music based in Foligno. 10 years' anniversary celebrated with a specific logo and claim. Online and offline campaign developed: design of merchandising, billboards, posters, advertising on magazines, banners for social networks platforms and websites, artist's pass, pins, t-shirts, brochure, flyers, postcards...


Ph by
Eleonora Proietti
Cristian Tampieri
Livia Sperandio
Andrea Luccioli
Mauro Sensi
Michela Detratti

Special thanks to Michele Botti and Sara Presilla for helping me!

Sixteen-pages brochure illustrating the site specific Felix Schramm's installation for Ribot, Contemporary Art Gallery, Milan.

The paper includes artist's bio and a three-questions interview. First of a series of works showed in the gallery. The omega staples are used to bind all the little books in one ring binder at the end of the year as a collection of the memories of the several vernissages.

Concept Chiara Athor Brolli - Giulia Bassoli
Print Fontegrafica

Client Ribot Arte Contemporanea - Milano
Artist Felix Schramm
Exhibition Bent
Text Maria Villa
Translation Michael Haggerty
Logo design Gianluca Garancini
Ph Antonio Maniscalco
Print Offset + 1 Lime Pantone
Binding Omega staples
Paper Byblos 120 gr