Lucio Fontana Exhibition

box catalog

Limited-edition screenprinted box and catalog designed for the Hommage to Lucio Fontana vernissage at Fondazione Marconi's gallery.
Invitations for the cocktail and giftboxes are fine-art printed, made using special inks, embosses, die cut, fluorescent ink, UV relief, matte coated varnish, cotton and fabric papers, different dimensions and formats, to give the whole object the finish of a unicum hand-made product.

Art direction, prototipation and graphic design by me and Giulia Bassoli. Creative direction by Giorgio Marconi (Fondazione Giorgio Marconi) and Nini Laurini (Fondazione Lucio Fontana).

All images are copyright of Fondazione Lucio Fontana and Archivio Giancolombo (photo portraits of Lucio Fontana). Special thanks to Maria Villa for coordinating us.
Post production supervision and colour assets by Federico Torra, technical support and pre-print check by Monica Dinardo. Production coordination and printing by Corrado Musmeci, Fontegrafica.